The Massive Benefits Of Meditation


There are so many massive benefits of meditation, that is difficult to know where to begin!

Meditation will make you supremely calm in mind, laser-focused in action, increase your intuition so you make better decisions, heighten your creativity, supercharge your energy levels, give you a firm control over your emotions and so much more.

In my absolute opinion, meditation is the one habit which will have the biggest transformational effect on not just your business and leadership success, but also every aspect of your personal life.

I have explained some of these benefits a little further in the following content.

  1. Supercharge Your Energy Levels For Massive Action
  2. Unleash Your Creativity
  3. Increase Your Inner Happiness
  4. Keeps You Looking Fresh!


1. Supercharge Your Energy Levels For Massive Action

Meditation is the art of letting go of one’s thoughts and emotions, and simply diving deep into the very essence of our existence.

Science can explain how our bodies are the product of a male/female interaction but have yet to go any further in explaining where our actual mind, memory, intellect, ego and emotions come from.

By moving our awareness beyond the body and the consciousness, we actually enter into a realm of energy that stores every layer of our being, and in doing so, enables us to remove our daily stresses and unite us with the cosmic energies which drive us all.

Many ancient philosophies have spoken in great detail about the infinite energy that lies within, and how we are all universally connected.

Even modern science has started to accept such theories with the advent of metaphysics and quantum evolution.

However, for our purposes, all we need to know is that meditation provides us with a unique set of tools to transcend our surface level awareness of ourselves.

By focusing deep within our body/mind complex we can actually unite with a universal source of energy.

This energy gives us the renewed vigour and enthusiasm to be active in the world when we come out of meditation and back into an everyday sense of bodily awareness.

In much the same way, by sleeping, you become refreshed and energised when you wake up.

Thus, only by being truly relaxed and stress-free, can one be completely active and in the present moment.

Through deep rest and meditation, one becomes focused and able to channel our latent energies; this is how meditation is actually complementary to taking massive action.


2. Unleash Your Creativity

As a leader, it is vitally important for you to increase your creativity and intuitive thinking, in order to continuously come up with relevant solutions to everyday problems.

One of the biggest benefits I have personally experienced in terms of meditation and creativity is in its application for all my business writings. My process is as follows:

I always meditate first thing in the morning and then never think about what I am going to write.

Having finished my meditation, I simply touch my fingers on the keyboard and allow everything to flow through.

The second I try to orchestrate any writings, it never works.

Meditation instantly connects me to my higher creative self, and then writing becomes such a breeze and more importantly, I produce my best work doing so this way.

Added to this ritual is to write first thing in the morning (before the world wakes up)… there’s something about writing as the sun is rising…. everything seems to flow so much easier!:)… give it a try and see for yourself.

This is just one practical example as to how meditation can significantly increase your creativity.

Have a think about which areas of your leadership require your creativity to be at it’s sharpest, and see if you can implement a meditation routine around this area, in the same manner as I have with my writings.

You will be amazed at the speed and quality of impact meditation will have on both your creativity and your overall work.


3. Increase Your Inner Happiness

Nothing will accelerate your leadership and business success faster than a happy mind. The more contented and centred you feel from within, the greater the impact you will have in all areas of your work.

Meditation is amazing at giving this inner happiness, as it simultaneously works at both a conscious and unconscious level to release any negative thoughts, and bring you back to your normal happy self.

The following passages will delve a little deeper into explaining how this really works.

Once your mind becomes illuminated, this entire creation becomes a beacon of light. If, however, you remain in darkness inside, creation becomes dull and extremely dark.

The way you see the world totally depends on you.

Our mind consists of two important facets-the unconscious and conscious.

Meditation is simply a methodology of transforming the unconscious mind into the conscious through a practice of inner focus.

Mantras and chanting can also be extremely powerful for inducing a state of meditation.

Consciousness normally makes up less than 10% of our mind, with unconsciousness making up the remaining 90%.

By consciousness, we mean states of mind where you are fully aware of what you are doing: for example, reading this screen, or hearing any noise from around you.

The unconscious mind is concerned with functions that we may not always be totally aware of e.g. the blinking of your eyes, the heart beating, gravity pulling your feet to the ground, etc.

Our unconscious mind is what keeps us alive and lightens every component of our lives.

It contains our memories, impressions, intuition and creativity; in fact, it contains the very source of our inner soul.

By focusing on the unconscious during meditation, we allow this vastly under-utilised component of the mind to shine through into our conscious awareness, thus allowing more of this inner light to shine through.

The challenge for any leader is eventually to unite both the conscious and unconscious mind so we become fully aware of every thought that enters our path.

When our minds become radiant within, the world becomes a more harmonious place.

Our actions become pure and even the mundane becomes sacred.

The way you truly feel about yourself inside is the way you truly perceive the world on the outside.

Think about it: when you feel happy, contented and fulfilled within yourself, do you ever complain about anything life can throw at you?

Yet, whenever you feel agitated, restless and confused within, how does the rest of the outside world appear during those difficult moments?

Yogic wisdom is the science of taking control of one’s mind, and not allowing outside forces to dictate your inner happiness.

Filling your mind with the light of unconsciousness is both the practice and goal, of meditation. The very moment darkness is removed from your mind, life becomes elegantly beautiful.


4. Meditation Keeps You Looking Fresh!


OK, am being a little bit cheeky here by posting the above pictures, but I merely wanted to demonstrate the impact meditation can have on your happiness, wellbeing and how you present yourself to the outside world!

These 2 pictures were taken 10 years apart, during which time I had been meditating on a daily basis during the entire decade.

Meditation keeps you looking and feeling fresh, makes you feel so vibrant and takes away all your stresses so you always remain calm and in a positive frame of mind.

If this doesn’t convince you to start meditating, I really don’t know what will:)


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