4 Ways To Immediately Attract More Clients


Clients are the lifeblood of any business venture, as ultimately your business growth depends on attracting them to generate more profits.

The acquisition of clients can easily be done by utilising one of many intelligent marketing systems.

To get you started, I am going to highlight 4 such strategies you can implement straight away to help immediately grow your business to the next level.

Imagine having a marketing mechanism which you can switch on at any time, and then attract more clients whenever you wish to do so.

It really isn’t that difficult to do so, when you know what you are doing. Simply read the following steps and you will know exactly how.


1. Create Irresistible Offers

Perhaps the easiest way to attract more clients is to focus on creating an irresistible offer.

Basically, as the name suggests, an offer of this type is one which when your target prospect comes across, they almost have no choice but to get started with you.

For example, say somebody pays a local train service $10 a day to buy a daily return ticket, but then you create an offer which allows them to pay for 30 days travel for only $10.50.

So normally, to pay for 30 days, it would cost $300, but with this offer, you only pay $10.50. If you need to take the train every day, you would be crazy to pass up on such an offer.

This, in essence, is what you want to create with your offers for your business.

Too many entrepreneurs get caught up with trying to make the maximum profit possible from their very first sale, but in reality, prospects are always going to be wary about doing business with someone they have never used before.

Ideally, you want to lower the barriers to entry and make it as simple as possible to start a business relationship with you.

This strategy may even involve you making a slight loss on the first sale, but it’s ok.

Think about the lifetime value of a clientas if this person were now to regularly buy from you, you would make much higher profits than if this person were to buy just the first time from you.

An irresistible offer should not only entice a target client to start working with you, but also give you an opportunity to prove your worth with your delivery.

It is so much easier to sell your services to a happy and satisfied client than to keep convincing new ones to start with you.

With a first time offer, keep thinking about what the client actually wants, and how you can fulfil their desires in the easiest manner possible.

When the value of what you offer exceeds the price of what you ask, people will always be willing to buy into your services.

A good way to approach this strategy is to think what $100K problems can I solve for a $10K price?

As soon as you have acquired a new client and have over delivered for them, it becomes so much easier to now sell them your follow up services, which they will enthusiastically be looking to purchase from you.

A very good example of this is when I first started doing seminars in Central London.

In the beginning, I only charged around $500 for a 2-day mindset course, but by the end of the event, I would literally have attendees jumping all over me, wanting to know what further coaching I offered and how they could sign up.

These new clients would happily pay anywhere from $3K to $10K during those initial stages, once they had first experienced me through my small events.

The same can easily happen for you too.

Simply keep your front end entry costs low, and at the same time, massively overdeliver for your new clients, and then elegantly look to offer further services to them.

This is a business model that will not only accelerate your business growth but also provide an incredible amount of goodwill with your new clients. They will love you for it!

To make your offer even more irresistible, try offering a risk reversal guarantee, so you can alleviate any fears your prospects may have about wasting money with you.

For example, if you conduct 2-day events yourself, you can say once they purchase and attend your event, if they are not entirely satisfied with the experience and content you have delivered, they can ask for a full 100% refund, no questions asked.

Such a tactic now makes working with you, even more appealing.

You could also add relevant bonuses as well to boost the value of your initial offer.

For example, if a new salon had just opened up and they wanted to attract more women into their business, they could offer a 70% discount for first-time clients, and then also to offer a free complimentary manicure and pedicure with this deal.

The bonuses here are related to the main offer and can help to entice even more people to give this salon a go.

The final aspect of an irresistible offer is to add scarcity, something like a 70% discount for a new haircut, but only for the next 3 days.

When you combine an irresistible offer, a solid guarantee, related bonuses and scarcity all in the mix, you can make it very easy for someone to get started with you, and if they enjoy the experience, potentially becoming a lifetime client of yours.


2. Contact Previous Clients

Now you have an irresistible offer in place, it’s time to present your promotion to as many people as possible.

The most overlooked source of new clients is to simply go back and contact previous clients who have worked with you.

Quite often, clients stop connecting with a business simply because the business owners have not reached to them and have stopped communicating as soon as their financial transaction ended.

If you are in a position to do so, go through right to the very beginnings of your business, and list every single person that has ever been a client of yours in the past.

Then carefully select which of these people you would personally like to continue working with, and then look to personally contact them with your new irresistible offer.

As mentioned earlier, it is so much easier to get new business from someone who has already worked with you once, than to convince a completely new person who has never heard of you.

Previous clients are an immediate source of new business, as all you need to do is to simply reach out to them.


3. The Power Of Referrals

Having made contact all the previous clients you would like to re-engage with, the next step is to look at who already has access to your ideal market, whom you can elegantly partner with to present your irresistible offer.

Referrals are an unbelievably powerful way to grow your business, almost to the extent where I know of some of my clients who have only used referrals and nothing else to grow their businesses.

The process is very simple.

Start off by listing everyone who has access to your target market.

Be creative in your thinking here, and don’t be afraid to search outside the box.

For example, someone selling high-end watches may want to target Jaguar car enthusiasts, as a Jaguar owner is also most likely to be interested in purchasing high-end watches.

Think about your ideal target client, and all the places both online and offline, where they are likely to visit.

Another example for you is an entrepreneur may also be part of a meditation or mindset group on social media, so if you offered business coaching, you may want to partner up with the owner of a successful meditation group.

Once you get going, you will be able to build an endless list of possible avenues to gain access to new clients, and then all you need to do is to reach out with the owners of these groups and arrange an agreement to present your offer to their crowd.

Decide on which approach would work best for your business, as in some occasions you may wish to speak with a referrers audience, and in other cases, it may be better if they contact their own crowd.

Look to be proactive when using a referral strategy, as the more responsibility you can take in reaching out to a relevant crowd, the more success you will have in presenting your offer and then acquiring new clients.

Also, think about what you can do to motivate referrers to partner with you in the first place.

The most obvious incentive is to offer them a share of the profits you make, but again, look to be creative here.

I once sold out a seminar simply by asking referrers to reach out to their audiences, and in return, I offered them and their team a set of complimentary tickets for the same event.

Effectively, I filled out my entire seminar without spending a single penny on advertising. That is how powerful referrals can be.


4. Create Ads For New Clients

Having contacted previous clients and developed a powerful referral strategy, the next step is to start creating advertisements to attract new clients.

Your potential clients are everywhere, and in many cases, they are already looking for you and your services.

It is now just a matter of letting them know you exist and what you can do for them.

The process is actually very simple.

Begin by researching all the online and offline places where your ideal clients currently visit.

You can revisit the initial list you made when looking for potential referrers, but now I want you to go much deeper.

Think about print magazines, online portals, social media, live networking groups, industry associations, events etc..

Build a list as big as possible for all the places you can find your ideal clients.

Then, identify which of these places you can advertise your services in.

Most online and offline avenues will have advertising opportunities for you to get involved with, but even if they don’t, you can always reach out the relevant people and ask to create an advertising opportunity for you.

With your advertisement, you want to fully focus on your irresistible offer, making it as easy as possible for someone to get started working with you.

It is vitally important that you measure the effectiveness of your ads, as in reality, you won’t know which one will actually be fruitful for you, only your numbers can tell you that.

Quickly remove any ads which are not turning a profit for you, and look to increase the adds which are actively growing your business.

Once you get even the most basic of competence in creating and measuring advertisements, you can easily begin to grow and scale your business to pretty much any size you desire.

This is a skill definitely worth taking the time out to master.


Your Success Is In Your Hands

So there you have it, 4 powerful ways to immediately attract more clients and to massively accelerate your business growth.

Once you know what you are doing, everything is a lot easier than you realise.

It’s just about thinking through in a clear strategic manner and then implementing your plan of action.


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