3 Steps To Attaining A Clear & Focused Mind


As a leader, attaining a focused mind is paramount to achieving success, as without knowing where you want to go, it becomes so much more difficult to know which steps you need to take.

Gaining simplicity and direction on your ultimate destination is actually very easy when you apply the wisdom principles I have presented below, in the following 3 segments.

  1. Plan Your Day Before It Begins
  2. How To Easily Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You
  3. Begin With The End In Mind


1. Plan Your Day Before It Begins

Before beginning each day, as soon as you wake up, sit up for a few minutes with your eyes closed and visualise exactly how you wish the day to proceed.

Be extremely clear on what you want to accomplish and what specific tasks you need to undertake.

Visualise the phone calls you need to make, visualise the emails you need to write, visualise the successful completion of every single task for the day.

Fast forward your thoughts to the end of the day, and visualise what you have achieved.

Live and feel the visualisation like it has already happened.

Only when you are happy with the outcome for the day, should you stop meditating and then wake up and actually implement for real what you already accomplished in your mind.

You will be amazed how fast you achieve your daily goals by doing the above.

Always start with the end In mind.


2. The Law Of Attraction

Recently, someone asked me to explain the “Law of Attraction” in a simple coherent manner, from which they could fully understand how this particular law could apply to themselves.

My response was as follows:

If in life you walk like a champion, breathe like a champion, eat like a champion, drink like a champion, dream like a champion, work like a champion, think like a champion, love like a champion, feel like a champion, talk like a champion and read like a champion, what is the only thing in your life you can ever truly become?

The way we manifest and apply our thoughts in our minds, directly correlates to the way we experience the world on the outside.

Everything in life starts with a thought; what we think is what we become.

In a nutshell, we attract what we internally project, and this, in essence, is the “Law of Attraction”


3. Begin With The End In Mind

There is a beautiful story in the ancient scriptures relating to gaining clarity of mind when starting your goals.

Dronacharya (the great warrior and guru to master bowman, Arjuna) had a very simple philosophy to winning all his major battles: “Archery is never learnt on the battlefield.”

His principle dictated that the key to any success in life was in the preparation; where champions were made in training, and not in competition.

The foundations for Dronacharya’s line of thinking were developed from his intense study of the yoga scriptures, where the rules for success were governed for all to follow.

Yogic wisdom begins any challenge by keeping the end in mind.”

Essentially, this concept believes that everything is created twice, once in the mind, and then in reality.

For example, in order for me to write this article, I first had to think about the subject area, and then decide which elements were to be added and which ones to be deleted.

Only once I had a clear mental picture of how I wanted this post to be completely constructed, did I begin to write.

Even at this stage of the article, I already know how long this page will be, and what paragraphs are still to come.

Another example would be an architect who builds a house.

First, they must sit down and plan a series of drawings on how the structure is to be built.

Thoughts need to be transferred onto paper, and only once the blueprint for a completed home is fully documented, can the actual building of the home begin.

Everything begins in the mind.

The success of any given project can be directly attributed to the thought processes in the mind before a single task is undertaken.

During the great Mahabharata war, Krishna and his army of righteous soldiers were significantly outnumbered, in terms of both personal and fighting resources.

In reality, Krishna should have been defeated with relative ease, but he skilfully managed to overcome defeat by using the yogic principle of keeping the end in mind.”

In analysing the battle scenario beforehand, Krishna had already mentally thought out how his opponents would attack, how his own army should defend and how his enemies would subsequently respond.

He had meticulously planned and prepared the entire battle in his mind even before a single arrow had been released.

His attention to detail during the mental planning stages ensured Krishna was fully aware of the outcome of the war from the very beginning, and thus, was able to overcome this massive challenge.

We too can learn from the great masters from the past, by applying this very simple yet effective principle in our everyday lives.

Each of us has our own journey in life, with our own set of desires and obligations to fulfil.

Whether your dreams are to get married this year, become a successful business owner, focus on your spiritual growth etc, any challenge must begin by clearly thinking through your tasks and actions before taking your first steps.

The more focus and clarity you apply in your initial thoughts, the more likely you are to achieve your personal goals.

By the time Dronacharya had finished training Arjuna, his student had become the most feared warrior in the land.

As he pulled back his bow, his only focus in life was centred around the tip of his arrow.

Arjuna would visualise his target had already been struck and mentally determined exactly what he needed to do, before releasing his arrow.

Thus, his target would already have been hit before he had even fired the arrow from his bow.

The great modern-day sage Sri Sri Ravi Shankar recently celebrated a huge 25th silver jubilee anniversary of his humanitarian organisation.

A massive global event was organised, where over 3 million people worldwide (including many heads of states and royalty) had come to visit and pay homage to the great guru.

The sheer scale and exuberance of the event had everybody spellbound, yet Sri Sri Ravi Shankar had foreseen this success 25 years earlier.

Having secured the mental vision of success in his mind right from the very beginning, every subsequent step was taken with clarity and focus to help achieve his goal.

The formula is simple, plan a task right through to completion in your mind, then actually deliver your thoughts into action.

Of course, life has its ups and downs, and very rarely will circumstances move exactly the way we want them to, but planning and action are both complementary to each other.

It may be required to rethink your plan from time to time and re-adjust your action steps, but even this new direction must only be taken once an outcome has been mentally pictured in your mind first.

Most failures in life occur not only due to a lack of planning, but a lack of extending a mental plan right through to project completion.

Begin with the end in mind, and you will greatly improve your chances of being a success in any given task you undertake. 

If this principle worked for Krishna, there’s no reason it will not work for you.


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