How To Forgive With Awareness

Deciding how to forgive someone implies taking the higher moral authority over another’s action.

It comes directly from the space of ego where the “I” decides to forgive “you”.

There is nothing but a sense of separation in forgiveness, and this can only take one further away from one’s inner truths.

Ancient wisdom empowers us to feel connected with this entire creation, and feel a sense of belongingness and love.

Vedic philosophies actually determine consciousness to be nothing more than a divine representation of love.

However, it is the distortion of this love that causes the imbalance and problems we see in the world today.

Jealousy, fear, hatred are all gross distortions of love and roam freely, moving from one mind to the other.

It takes a composed and controlled mind to withstand these forces, as the tendency of our mind is to cling to the negative.

No matter how bad a person or situation may be; the truth is always rooted in every action.

No one needs to tell a burglar his actions are wrong, deep down inside he already knows (whether he chooses to listen to his inner voice is another matter, but deep down inside the truth prevails).

On many occasions to escape one’s guilt, an apology is given to help ease one’s conscience, but a verbal “sorry” can only pacify at the level of the ego.

The act of verbalising a “sorry” somehow allows individuals to escape the responsibilities of their actions, and not delve any further into themselves to uncover what they really feel inside.

To accept someone’s apology once they have done wrong is actually to deny them the opportunity to really move within and truly listen to what their consciousness is really saying.

Accepting an apology is merely pacifying one’s mind, and giving a false sense of friendship to a wrongdoer.

A soul who truly repents their actions will show their true feelings through actions, not mere words.

In fact, only a coward apologises with the shallow conviction of mere words, as we, unfortunately, see with most people today.

A true yogi warrior may accept another’s apology out of compassion, but in essence, it’s only the small mind being appeased.

Never solely accept an apology, rather allow your perpetrator to redeem themselves by taking the right actions to rectify their wrongdoings.

The ability and conviction to do so, is the skill of a true seeker, as it allows the other person to rise above their ego and small mind, which enables them to truly act from a level of consciousness.

Rejecting a verbal apology when done with complete awareness, is actually an act of compassion in itself.

Where you find a person unable to take the right actions, their apologies must never be accepted. In fact, their very presence must be avoided.

It takes a strong personality to adhere to such principles, but a true yogi can only ever become strength personified.

The topic of this article works at a very subtle level, as it moves beyond the realms of how our everyday minds have been conditioned, but then yogic wisdom is all about moving beyond the world as we know it, and ultimately, seeing matters as they really are; as one existence; as just one unadulterated truth.


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