How To Increase Productivity For Faster Results


Every successful leader and entrepreneur will know that the depth of your success is highly dependent on your ability to simply get work done.

The faster you can implement your plan of action, the quicker you see your results.

In fact, imagine if you could not only increase productivity for faster success but also manage to severely reduce the number of hours you actually work in the process, what kind of an impact would that have on your life?

Well, you no longer need to wonder as I am about to show you a variety of ways to do so.

  1. Never Multitask
  2. Overcome Procrastination
  3. Keep A Single Daily Focus
  4. Streamline Your Projects


1. Never Multitask

In the ancient Vedic scriptures, perhaps the most celebrated leader of all time has to be Krishna.

Krishna manages to encapsulate the ideals of a perfect human being by playing the roles of a leader, friend, father, mentor, king etc with such effortless ease.

The ancient scriptures give so many valuable lessons on how a skilful and productive life can be led.

Much of lessons on success and achievement were documented when Krishna spoke to his most ardent student, Arjuna.

Regarding work, relationships and living a positive healthy life, the advice is very clear: Always be 100% in the moment for any task which you undertake, giving your full intelligence, enthusiasm, commitment and belief to whatever you are doing.

By taking on more than one task at a time, our attention gets diverted and thus we can no longer, authentically, give it 100%.

For example, when I scribe these articles, I first give a silent prayer, then sit at the computer and write whatever comes out from within.

During the time it takes me to complete the post, I take no notice of anything else in the outside world.

I won’t answer any telephone, won’t think about what I need to do for the rest of the day, I forget about breakfast, lunch or dinner, I forget about everybody’s problems and whom I need to help today.

I simply focus on one thing, and one thing alone, finish writing what I have started.

If I were to divert my attention even for a split second, I guarantee the resulting work would be of a substandard quality, and I would have to start again.

The mind is a cunning tool which can either destroy your concentration in a flash or help you to go deeper within yourself once you know how to control its tendencies.

Krishna described this whole phenomenon beautifully when he asked Arjuna to pull back his bow and line up his arrow.

At the precise moment, Arjuna took aim of his target, and Krishna instructed him to forget his friends, family, work, responsibilities, gods, concepts, mind, welfare, and indeed, everything he had every learnt, experienced or observed in his life.

At that moment in time, only one thought mattered, Arjuna’s target facing the tip of his arrow.

Only by having such a one-pointed focus could Arjuna deliver his skills with such effortless perfection, and become the great warrior we know him to be.

The same applies to all of us in our daily lives.

Take a look at everything that matters to you, and see if there is an area of your daily routine that you would like to improve.

Let’s say, for example, you want to develop a closer relationship with your child but are unsure how to go about it.

Try using the above principles by making some dedicated time to spend with your child, and during those moments, forget about work and everything else which may occupy your time and thoughts.

Put your 100% focus into listening and conversing with your child, truly living entirely in that one moment in time.

It may seem uncomfortable at first, particularly if your brain is used to continuously multitasking, but remain committed to giving this experiment a go.

I will guarantee you will notice an immediate impact on your relationship, and then you will be wondering where else you can use this principle in your life.

Focus, clarity, excellence, results and achievement can only be attained through a one-pointed attention to the task at hand.

When you focus your attention and operate with the full belief in what you are doing, something magical happens.

We now move into the realms of the Law of Attraction, where the entire consciousness starts to work alongside you in achieving your goals.

This experience can never happen when your mind is thinking about too many things at once (you not only divert your energies, you divert the focus of consciousness itself).

Never multitask and always be 100% in the moment. You will notice an immediate positive impact on your life.


2. Overcome Procrastination

I have a very simple strategy for overcoming procrastination and it works for myself and my clients every single time.

I am going to share it with you, so hopefully, it can help you to get over any slow progress you may be experiencing and to actually help you get projects done.

Whenever I have an immediate challenge to my business involving my coaching, seminars, online programs etc, and I feel any barriers to me delving deep to finding my resolve or answers, I instantly think of my dad (who passed away a few years back).

My father has always been the biggest inspiration to my life, and the mere thought of him in my mind and heart instantly propels me to take action (where I have been stalling) and find instant solutions to problems.

I remember doing a seminar a couple of years back and a massive snow blizzard hit London in the days leading up to it, everyone cancelled and the night before, I only had 1 person paid up for the event.

The easiest thing would have been to have given up and call the event off, but during those moments I thought of my dad, and remembered my actions are a reflection of his legacy and everything I do is in honour of him.

This thought alone was enough for me to step into overdrive (spending the next 16 hours straight on marketing and strategy calls, without a seconds break) and overnight I sold out every place on my program for the next day.

I feel when you add emotion and an intense sense of purpose and reasoning behind every action you take, then motivation becomes a breeze and you effortlessly unleash the warrior spirit within.

It truly works for me all the time, as even if my mind is prepared to let myself down, it will never let my dad down.

My biggest lesson has thus been to always realise your actions have a wider impact than just yourself.

When you realise your actions (or lack of actions as the case may be) affect those you love around you, you will never slack or succumb to procrastination again.


3. Keep A Single Daily Focus

Always remember, a true leader never multitasks, only focus on one task at a time.

A simple strategy to help you maintain your discipline is to draw up 2 columns on a piece of paper.

On the left-hand side list out all your to-do list items.

Review this list and then select just one task from it, and write this task in the right-hand column.

Now, you only focus on this right-hand task until completion, before selecting the next item from the left-hand side.

Keep doing so, remembering to only have one task in the right-hand column at any given time. This will ensure you keep your focus and resist the temptation to do many things at once.

By working with a single pointed focus on only one task, you will ensure 100% of your time, energy, brainpower and efforts are directed towards this task, and thus its successful completion will be much easier and quicker. In no time at all, you will fly through your entire to-do list!

The above is a simple yet immensely powerful technique which will super boost your productivity with immediate effect.

Try it and see for yourself.


4. Streamline Your Projects

When I first started Yogi Warrior Tribe, I was blogging, doing intro talks, weekend seminars, corporate programs, online group coaching, VIP 1-1 coaching, selling online digital products, working on joint venture promotions and running a membership group, all at the same time!

Things were going ok, but as you can imagine, I was working 7 days a week, 18 hours a day to keep everything going.

At the beginning, I bought into the whole “you got to hustle 24/7 philosophy” to be a big success.

Where everything changed was when I did the one thing I always tell everyone else to do ~ FOCUS.

First of all, I just 100% focused on my writings and nothing else, and within 6 weeks had over 40,000 readers from scratch reading my content every time I published.

Then I 100% focused on my intro talks and nothing else, and then went on to fill out 17 talks in a row in Central London with a zero marketing budget (simply by operating strategically).

Then I focused 100% on my seminars and nothing else, and filled out 12 events in a row, building powerful industry connections along the way.

Then I focussed 100% on my online coaching programs and sold out all 3 programs within 48 hours of launching each one, by leveraging the readership from my blog writings.

Then I focussed 100% on some corporate projects and bagged my 1st major multinational client within 6 days of starting this process.

The list goes on and on, but what I want to get across is the blueprint for each success…. 100% focus.

It has been the biggest learning of my entrepreneurial journey and if there was one advice I could give any entrepreneur or groundbreaking leader, it would be to never multitask and only operate in one area of attention until you bring that component to your desired level of success.

Everything will happen so much faster and easier than you possibly imagined if you do so.

For the last 6 months, I have been purely focussing on my Mastermind Coaching program and have just reached my 12-month targets with 6 months to spare.

Using the power of focus I now drastically increase my goals by at least 10 times, as anything less doesn’t do justice to the power and potential of utilising this 100% focus strategy.

Apply this process to your business and life today, and you will notice an immediate difference.

If you find yourself doing many projects all at once, do a portfolio analysis of them all and then identify the one project you are going to concentrate on, and then postpone/ delete the rest.

I guarantee your success will be super fast and super amazing if you effectively do so.

Keep everything simple and watch what happens.


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