How To Keep A Calm Mind

Perhaps the biggest challenge for any successful leader is a keep a calm mind and make powerful decisions on a consistent basis.

Stress, negativity, egos and politics are always going to be there, especially when you are looking to achieve something great, but in order for you to succeed, it becomes vital to know how you can keep an effective control over your mind and emotions.

Meditation is a great technique to give you instant calm, but here we are going to discuss some ancient wisdom to help you maintain stress-free mind.

Refer back to this knowledge whenever you feel life is getting on top of you, as the content below will instantly help you to realign yourself with effortless ease.

  1. Controlling Your Mind & Emotions
  2. How To Avoid Getting Entangled
  3. Keeping Your Inner Peace


1. Controlling Your Mind & Emotions

Keeping the emotions centred and serene is one of the primary goals of any leadership discipline, and can be attained with a little understanding of the mechanics of the mind.

Imagine knowledge as being a vast and limitless ocean with our emotions represented by the tidal waves.

No matter how high each wave will rise, ultimately, it will always fall and merge back into the ocean.

The same principles apply to our emotions, as they come and go at will, but eventually flow back into the depths of knowledge.

Problems arise when we lose awareness of our infinite nature, and start identifying ourselves with our fleeting emotions. “I am happy, I am sad, I am content” etc,  are all examples of how easily we define ourselves with the most prevalent emotion at any given time.

It’s this very identity that becomes the root cause of so many miseries, and why we eventually lose complete track of our centredness.

No emotion can ever exist forever; you ca never be happy all the time, nor can you be depressed all the time.

These feelings continuously rise and fall within us, and quite often we have no control over these emotions when they do present themselves.

A common misconception amongst many leaders is the notion that an enlightened soul never gets angry or never gets upset.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Anger, frustration and sadness are all naturally occurring feelings that arise within us and are a part of our psychological make-up.

However, the difference between a saint and most common individuals is that the saint will always acknowledge these emotions and simply move beyond them.

They never identify themselves with these feelings, and continuously remind themselves of their connection to their infinite knowledge through regular inner contemplation (meditation) and study of the scriptures.

There is a beautiful story concerning Sri Ramakrishna and his most beloved devotee Swami Vivekananda.

Ramakrishna used to hold regular Satsang sessions in his ashram and invite all his followers to attend and hear him speak.

Though he loved everyone dearly, Vivekananda always held a special place in his heart.

One afternoon, Ramakrishna purposely decided to ignore Vivekananda during a particular talk.

He never looked at his star disciple once, and indeed proceeded to continue blanking Vivekananda for an entire month.

During the last few days of this unusual behaviour, Ramakrishna even went as far as to scold Vivekananda, telling him he no longer wanted to be his guru, and actually asked him to leave.

Throughout the whole process, Vivekananda would sit quietly, absorb everything Ramakrishna had to say, and carry on returning to hear his master speak.

Finally, after a few weeks, Ramakrishna confronted his pupil and asked, “Why do you keep coming here when I no longer want to see you?” Vivekananda, in his usual composed manner, replied, “You may not want to see me, but I want to see you. If you get angry at my being here, it’s your problem, but I love you and will never leave.”

The story is a beautiful illustration of how Vivekananda in his heightened wisdom, never once associated himself with any feelings of hurt or sadness he may have felt towards his master’s treatment of him.

Instead, he remained rooted in his connection to his own infinite knowledge.

Realising that all emotions rise and fall into the ocean, Vivekananda was able to keep his balance and inner happiness.

The process of not getting entangled with our emotions is not an easy one to achieve, but by simply being aware of this phenomenon, we are more than halfway through to become as solid and strong as Swami Vivekananda.

Too often, we get entangled with small-minded matters, and too often, we forget that everything in life will come and go. Only our infinite nature will stay forever.

The realisation of this one simple statement is the key to your leadership growth and unbreakable inner peace.

Begin to observe your emotions closely.

Whenever you feel yourself moving away from your centredness, rather than saying “I am angry” say, “Anger has risen within, and in no time will fall back to where it came from.”

This shift in mindset will automatically bring you back to your natural self. Try it and see for yourself!


2. How To Avoid Getting Entangled

Profound peace along with massive success are the true hallmarks of a great leader.

Yet in living in a world full of constant change, how does one keep this feeling of contentment when nothing seems to stay the same?

Yogis Wisdom provides a simple answer; true inner peace is never a destination, but merely a way of travelling.

Let’s take a closer look at how problems arise.

When two opposing rivers come into contact with each other, they create a huge clash, resulting in severe turmoil.

However, if you place yourself right in the middle of this junction, you can actually witness the free flowing movement of the two rivers flowing in their respective directions.

They seem to elegantly glide past each other in a momentary glimpse.

Another interesting observation occurs when you look further down the stream.

You begin to see that the two rivers merge together and with the power of their joint energies, they flow in a much stronger and cohesive unit than when they did as single entities.

The process of meeting two powerful forces may not always be smooth but their results produce a wonderful and free-flowing stream of peaceful solidity.

In much the same way, you may have to endure many disruptions in order to move beyond the situation at hand and reach a powerful and lasting peace.

Whenever two opposing energies clash, turmoil inevitably follows but given a little time and patience to look down the line, the mass of energy runs itself smooth and everything calms down.

Energies are multiplied when merged together and are never weakened, so even in the face of still calmness, immense power can be experienced.

Any partnership, marriage, venture etc will undergo the process of clashing with different energies, and thus varying stages of turbulence, at different times.

Emotional uncertainty prevails when we get stuck with the situation at hand, but the slight foresight to see a little further can help take the mind beyond our problems.

Energies need to be smoothed out and then channelled along the same lines in order for peace to exist.

Once these energies stabilise and move the same way, true happiness shines through.

The calmness will stay until the next wave of opposing energies come through again, and thus repeating the cycle of turmoil.

The ability to see the bigger picture and look beyond a momentary clash is the secret of a successful leader.


3. Keeping Your Inner Peace

If you look high up in the skies, or deep beneath the ground, or across the infinite oceans you will notice one thing they all have in common; they have no boundaries or divisions.

The only differences on earth are drawn up by humans based on the lands we live in.

At the time of writing this post, I am living in London, to the East lies Asia, to the West is America and South is Africa.

Every piece of land in this world has been divided and apportioned by mankind himself, not by nature.

The sun shines with the same radiance wherever it goes; it makes no distinction between people, race or colour.

In fact, if this phenomenon is investigated a little further, you will realise every single division in this world has been taught through man-made concepts.

A baby is told its family name and then its race, creed, colour, religion, beliefs etc all dependent on what their societal upbringing will have them believe.

It’s the division of mankind which causes separation, and thus, ultimately, a competitive struggle between one set of doctrines as opposed to another.

We see many people hurting each other in the name of their beliefs, yet how many people when babies harboured the same animosity towards each other?

So what happens between birth and adulthood that causes a human to grow so much hatred towards another?

It’s simple; education, beliefs and a lack of awareness of one’s infinite nature are the root cause of all such issues.

In an age of the Internet, mobile phones, cable television and instant, on-demand information, we seem to be more and more reliant on the outside world to give us our knowledge.

We have almost forgotten the concept of finding real eternal truths by looking deep within ourselves.

The further we look to the outside world for our sense of purpose, the further rooted we become in the misguided knowledge being thrust upon us at every given opportunity.

A human being has an infinite capacity to love, honour, cherish, respect and blossom his or her innate divine qualities no matter where they come from.

Whether someone identifies themselves as black, white, rich, poor, America, Asian etc, it really doesn’t matter.

First and foremost, the ultimate truth is that we are all divine human beings with an absolute birthright to live a happy, prosperous, healthy and enlightened modern day life.

Our worldly identities come later, but not before we see ourselves as a part of one united consciousness.

Let me further clarify what I am saying, pick up your right hand and punch yourself on your leg as hard as you can.

Now try again, even harder, and keep on trying.

Very quickly you realise the futility of trying to harm yourself. Why would one part of your body try and harm another part of your body, what is there to be gained?

It’s because you acknowledge the whole of your body as one entity, that the notion of one part being at odds with another is absurd.

Using the same concept, let’s look at any troublesome situations you may be experiencing right now.

If we all see the world as being an extension of our very self, then, how on earth could we ever harm another being or another creature?

The whole notion of identity and separation is a sad indictment on how corrupted the behaviour and conspicuousness of this world has become.

No one person or group can be blamed for the current state of affairs.

We must all take collective responsibility for our behaviour towards each other.

First and foremost, we need to firmly establish within ourselves, our true identity and unlimited powers.

The concepts identified here are deeply profound, and maybe a little difficult to comprehend on a first reading, but go through this article again.

As you begin to see this entire creation as one force of energy where we are all interconnected, it will become harder and harder for you to feel a sense of separation with a fellow person, and thus, become much harder for that person to ever move you from your inner peace.

These are advanced leadership concepts to grasp, but even a slight awareness of this ancient knowledge will help you to keep a calm mind in any scenario, even when everyone else is losing theirs.


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