Simple Meditation Tips To Enhance Your Practice


Once you have started with your meditation, you will begin to experience a variety of amazing benefits, ranging from feeling stress-free and relaxed to being supercharged with energy and ready to take on the world!

As with anything, the more you practice your craft, the deeper and more profound your results will be.

To help you with your journey, I have included some simple meditation tips and ancient wisdom which you can implement straight away, to help take your meditation to the next level.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the instructions as there is a great deal of depth behind everything that is written.

Have a read and decide for yourself, which elements you would like to include.

  1. How To Control Your Thoughts During Meditation
  2. How To Connect With Your Inner Self
  3. Hearing Different Sounds During Meditation


1. Controlling Your Thoughts

Perhaps the most common question I get from both beginner and experienced meditators is understanding how to control thoughts during meditation.

You too may be thinking the same, and if so, the following answers will be of a great interest to you, especially if you are keen to stop external thoughts disturbing your meditation.

What will you be thinking about in 20 seconds time? What will you be thinking about in 5 seconds? In fact, what will be your very next thought? 

Well, none of us really know do we?

The point I am trying to illustrate is that we don’t actually control our thoughts.

They come and go as they please, without any regard as to whether we want them to or not.

So the quick answer to your question, “How can I overcome thoughts from entering my mind during meditation” is simple, you can’t!

However, as always, yogic wisdom provides a very practical solution to every problem in life.

Though we may not be able to control which thoughts come into our minds, we can certainly control how long they stay and what impact they have on us.

A secret known by the ancient sages of India reveals that the mind will naturally find its balance and equilibrium after 20 minutes.

What that means for us, is that if you can gradually train yourself to sit still and quietly for 20 minutes (simply observing all your thoughts and botherations), the mind will automatically slow down the number of thoughts entering its system, without you having to do anything at all.

Thoughts will always enter your mind.

Never try to resist them. In fact, welcome your thoughts, good or bad.

Whatever you are thinking about during meditation; simply become aware of your thoughts, and observe them as an outside observer. Imagine your mind as a movie screen where you are watching the events unfold.

Once finished, the movie scene (your thoughts) will naturally move on without you having to make a conscious effort.

Never force yourself to stop thinking or to stop allowing thoughts to come into your mind.

Another ancient secret is that our minds do not process negative commands, i.e., if I tell you to “not think of a pink elephant”…what is the first thing your mind will do? Think of a pink elephant!

In the same way, the more you tell your mind to stop thinking, the more thoughts will enter, even faster than before.

A thought is nothing more than a vibration of energy.

Too many thoughts will deplete our energy levels, and thus, the more you think about your thoughts during meditations, the more bothered you will feel and the more frustrated you will become.

Meditation is about letting go; letting go of all your efforts, all your anxieties, all your stresses, and simply dissolving into a deep state of rest and relaxation.

Relax; enjoy watching your thoughts; keep focusing on your breath.

Whenever you find your mind wandering, gently smile to yourself and in a nurturing and compassionate manner, bring your mind back to your breath.

Focus on breathing in deeply and slowly, and then breathing out, making large rounded circles.

With regular practice, your mind will become steadfast and your thoughts will diminish in both quantity and the time they stay with you.

Start your practice by saying, “Today I will sit still and quietly for two minutes.” A few days later, increase the time to five minutes.

A couple of weeks later raise your concentration levels to ten minutes, and so on.

We are creatures of habit, and by slowly teaching our minds to slow down, meditation automatically prevails and we elegantly dissolve into our inner realms.

Thoughts are a natural by-product of meditation.

They have a purpose, but for now, you don’t need to understand them.

Simply accept them in all shapes and sizes, and remain focused on staying calm by focusing on the breath.

Meditation is the graceful art of allowing the mind to settle into its natural state and allowing our inner divinity to shine through.

Yoga is the union between our soul, the mind and the outer shell we call the body.

The interlinking component between these three facets is the breath.

By controlling our breath, we can steady the mind, which in turn, rests the body and provides a seamless pathway for our soul to shine through.


2. Connecting With Your Inner Self

Another very common question I get asked from people who have started their meditation journey is how they can actually go deeper and connected with their inner self.

I offer very simple and practical advice which is not only easy to implement,

Quite a few people are having trouble connecting to their inner self and have been asking me for some advice on how to do so.

It’s very simple, on a daily basis, set aside a few minutes every day where you remove yourself from the outside world and focus just on yourself.

Find a quiet corner in your room, turn of your phones, turn off the lights, turn of the TV, turn of the cooker, turn of everything and everyone. In total solitude, close your eyes and take your attention deep within your own mind.

At first, you will find a multiple of thoughts racing around at a thousand miles per hour, simply sit and observe all these thoughts.

Forget about meditation at this stage, forget about any spiritual practices, simply relax, sit still and enjoy the drama going on in your own mind.

Allow every single thought to run around inside your mind at its own will.

Do not try to eliminate any thoughts, do not try to control them, do not attempt to judge them, simply sit quietly with your eyes closed and observe every single one.

Within a couple of minutes, they will automatically slow down and leave (thoughts are nothing more than a vibration of energy, their very nature is to keep on moving).

Keep the focus on your inner mind for 5-10 minutes every day, simply training yourself to remove your attention from the outside world and into the only world that really matters (the one you portray in your mind).

Don’t overcomplicate what I have written. 

The above practice will immediately begin to build the foundations of your personal success.

Like I say, forget about meditation, for now, simply begin the practice of going deep within.


3. Hearing Sounds During Meditation

After meditating for a while, you may begin to experience deeper sensations with your mind, including hearing different sounds during your practice.

If so, the following wisdom will help you to not only understand what is actually happening but also to go beyond these sounds and even deeper into your meditation.

To start with, we need to look at the most fundamental building blocks of science, and that is the atom.

Each atom being nothing more than a vibration of energy. Energy can never be created, but only transformed.

It is said in the ancient scriptures that the original vibration in this creation (from which all other energies and vibrations originate from) is the sound AUM.

Chanting AUM actually unites us with this original sound and the source of all consciousness.

This primordial sound is always present deep within us, but our ever busy mind is always so preoccupied with thoughts and other vibrations, that we never get to actually hear it’s sound.

However, as we progress and grow deeper and deeper into our meditation, we quieten the mind at a very subtle level and thus truly begin to connect with our inner self.

At the core of our inner self, lies the sound AUM.

We can begin to hear and more importantly feel this vibration the deeper we get, and hence why at times we may hear a ringing sound as we approach our true centre.

However, as soon as the mind realises there is a sound and tries to analyse it, you may have noticed, the sound disappears, as now we have filled our mind with analytic thoughts which take away from the state of thoughtlessness we had just achieved.

The next time you hear the slight ringing sound, simply stay in a state of wonder and allow the vibrations within you to stay or go in any direction it feels like.

You will feel extremely warm and happy for no reason whilst in this state. You will also begin to unleash amazing powers within you, which you never even realised you had.

So many secrets to your very own existence will be revealed to you during your deep meditation.

That is the beauty of yogic wisdom, all the answers are found from within and thus why this whole wisdom is referred to as “Self Empowerment”, as we truly do empower ourselves by uncovering our own truths.


Taking Your Practice Deeper

The most important aspect of your meditation is to remain consistent with what you do and to be patient with your practice.

The above wisdom will help you to go deeper, but everything will happen naturally anyway for you.

All you need to do is to be sincere with your meditation and have faith that everything is already happening without you having to worry about a thing.


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