How To Develop Products Your Clients Will Love



Developing Products To Stand Out From The Crowd

Offering products or services which your clients will end up falling in love with is something every entrepreneur dreams of.

Not only does this validate the success and effectiveness of your business, but it also gives you a great deal of confidence and energy to continue serving your market in an even greater capacity.

Imagine not only making more sales than you could of ever possibly dreamed of, but people absolutely relishing the experience of being one of your clients and then becoming a raving fan, telling everyone how great you and services are?!

Creating such a dream experience is actually not that difficult once you follow the simple steps I have outlined below.


1. Selecting 1 Target Niche

Perhaps the biggest mistake nearly all entrepreneurs make in the beginning is to try and create products which cater to too many markets and too many people.

The results tend to be a very generic set of products with no real focus or credibility.

For example, say if you were looking to sell your home in North London and you had the opportunity to buy a report showing you much homes of a similar size to your had sold for in the past 12 months.

Which report would be more appealing to you, 1) a report highlighting the sales value of homes across the UK or 2) a report highlights the exact prices, homes in North London sold for in the past 12 months?

Obviously, the second report is much more specific and relevant to your needs and thus you are much more likely to buy this report over the more generic national one.

In the same way, when looking to develop your products, try to be as specific as possible in terms of which market you want to sell into, and which target niche you would like to focus on.

The more specific you can get, the more attractive your products will become to that particular audience.

I remember when I first started Yogi Warrior Tribe, I was offering a set of products centred around personal development and business coaching to a wide audience (pretty much anyone in London!).

However, as soon as zoned in my offerings to just entrepreneurs and then purely focused on business strategy and peak mindset, my business immediately began to soar.

My products were targeted to a very specific audience (entrepreneurs who wanted fast success and understood the importance of a winning mindset), and as soon as they came across my offerings, they immediately were able to resonate with what I had, and purchased with minimal fuss.

The same explosion I had in sales can happen to you too if you use this approach.

Think about which target market you can offer the best results for and whom you would ideally like to have as an ideal market.

Then look to focus on all your efforts just to serving this one sub-niche of a market.

The narrower you can get, the easier it will be to design a perfect product for this market and thus, the easier it will be to make a sale.


2. Identifying 1 Core Problem

Once you are comfortable with the sub-market you wish to serve, the next stage is to understand all the various problems this market is experiencing.

As an entrepreneur, your job is to make people’s lives easier by offering solutions to specific problems a target audience is going through.

For example, The Fullbright Commission helps students from the UK who want to study in the US, with various scholarship applications and to find innovative ways to research and fund their studies abroad.

They target a very specific crowd (UK students looking to study in the US) and have identified a very specific problem this crowd has (unsure where to look to find scholarship and finding opportunities available).

There may be other organisations helping students in general with life as a University student, but if you were a UK student looking to raise funds to study in the US, the Fullbright Commission would be the perfect place for you to go and delve deeper into.

This is a perfect example of someone developing a product or service for a very targeted group and highlighting a very specific problem they can help with.

What I now want you to do, is to identify all the problems your target market is currently experiencing and pick 1 major problem which you are going to focus on, with your new product.


3. Offering 1 Key Desirable Solution

Having established the 1 core problem you are going to tackle, the next step is to actually develop the solution for this problem.

This is truly where you can make your product stand out from the crowd, as the faster and better your product can offer your solution, the more desirable you will become in your chosen market.

Always remember, your potential clients don’t care about a 12-week coaching program or 6 part DVD series etc.

All they want is the result you promise with your product.

Think about the biggest and best result you can offer and again, try to be as specific as possible.

If you were a smoker looking to give up smoking, which of these 2 products would be more appealing to you: 1) a DVD to help you overcome addictions or 2) a DVD designed to specifically enable any smoker to overcome their smoking addiction within the next 7 days?

Again, the answer is obvious, the market will always choose a product which is highly relatable to them.

The more specific you can be, the easier it will become to make a sale.

Essentially, as an entrepreneur, you are helping to fill a void that someone is experiencing. The faster and easier you can fill this void, the more your clients will come chasing after you.


4. Step By Step Milestones

Now that you have a specific target market with a specific problem and a highly relevant solution which you can provide, the next step is to make it as easy as possible for your clients to utilise your product or service so they can get their desired results as fast as possible.

For example, say if you operate a salsa dance studio and are offering a 12 weeks salsa dance course, you will want to break down exactly what your clients will be doing in week 1 and mapping out their entire journey right through to week 12.

With the delivery of your product or service, you want to make everything as simple and enjoyable as possible.

The more fun someone can have using your product, the more they will engage with you and the more they will fall in love with your business.

Think about your product offering, and map out an exact step by step process your ideal clients will need to go through from first purchasing the product, to actually getting the results you promise.

This step is extremely important as even if you have created a powerful solution to a targeted problem which your niche market is desperately looking for, if your clients are unable to understand what they need to do, then they won’t get the results they expect.

Never assume anything when designing these milestones.

Break everything down into simple steps, so any of your target audience can easily go through your system and have a great time in the process.

Never underestimate the importance of enjoyment when creating your products.

The more fun your clients can have when going through your delivery, the more likely they will be to see everything through to the end and thus become another success story for your product.


5. World Class Support

By this stage, you would have created a product which not only can deliver amazing results but one which your clients deeply enjoy.

However, the title of this article is to develop products that your clients actually fall in love with!

To make this happen, you have to go the extra step and add a world-class support system for your product delivery.

Any questions your clients may have should be easily answered by your support.

In fact, your support should also inspire and encourage your clients to get the most out of your product.

As a part of the product offerings with Yogi Warrior Tribe, I always send a weekly newsletter offer new insights where I continuously motivate my clients to delve deeper with my products and to keep using them to get even bigger and better results.

They all absolutely love the weekly support I give and consequently, the majority of my sales now come through referrals from existing clients.

They can’t help but tell everyone else how fantastic my products are and why they need to sign up to.

You too can achieve this level of admiration by simply focussing on your world-class support with as much enthusiasm and intensity as the main product itself.


Your Success Awaits

So there you have it, the simple step by step system to developing products your clients will fall in love with.

The key point to take away is to be specific with your target market, specific with the problem you will address, specific with the solution you offer, specific with the step by step system you want your clients to take and then very specific when designing a world-class support system.

By having these components in place, you will begin to create magic and not only make a great number of sales but also to generate so much goodwill, that your entire market will wait with bated breath for your next product offering!


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