Wisdom To Remove Self Doubts & Build Confidence


From time to time we all need a little bit of support to remind us of our true potential, by removing self-doubts and to build confidence in its place.

As such, I have collected a few of my writings here to give you that instant boost, and help you smash the day!

As always, implement immediately what you feel connects with you and watch how quickly your warrior spirit will grow.

  1. Confront Your Fears
  2. The Power Within You
  3. Be Grateful For Your Challenges
  4. Relentless Determination


1. Confront Your Fears

Even if there’s only a 5% chance of an event happening, a true yogi warrior will always stay true to his or her beliefs and never change their principles in life.

Courage is what takes us to the edge of our perceived limitations, but it’s faith that keeps us there and sees us through to the end.

The stronger your faith in your own abilities, the further your innermost fears diminish.

It is only by self-experience that we truly confront our fears, and only through supreme self-effort, that we can abolish them once and for all.

Our sense of low self-esteem and lack of faith quite often undermines our abilities to overcome challenges presented before us.

Most people wait until they feel confident enough before tackling a difficult situation, yet the irony is, that once we overcome a particular problem, our self-esteem rises to newfound levels.

Confidence then stabilises within our minds until the next big “fear” comes along, and thus, the process of overcoming challenges starts all over again.

To illustrate this point, there is a story of two young students taking a late night walk alongside on top of a narrow cliff.

During the long dark night, neither of them could see where they were going, yet they merrily strolled along until the early morning, where they found a spot to camp.

The next day, once fully awake, they realised the cliffs were over 100 feet high, and the path they travelled only measured a few centimetres wide.

Looking down, they were unable to make the track back in sheer fright of the potential fall they may incur.

So why were these boys fearless the night before but paralysed in the early morning?

Quite simply, once they could see the problems ahead, their minds began to question whether they could accomplish the task in front of them, and thus, their lack of faith in their own abilities had paralysed them with fear.

The only way to now remove this fear would be to make the walk once more.

Removal of fear only happens after the supreme self-effort has taken place, and not before.

The stronger we believe in ourselves, the less daunting any fear becomes.

Pushing through mental boundaries moves us from our conditioned conscious mind to the unlimited all-powerful unconscious mind.

The further we delve into our minds, the more we realise our infinite capabilities, and the more fearless we become.

The goal of yogic wisdom is to unite our body and mind to our soul, and thus, exist in a state of pure consciousness where faith becomes our very nature.

Consequently, fear becomes totally removed from our very existence.


2. The Power Within You

When life tests you and tries to shake your faith, don’t get over emotional or scarred.

Simply go deep within and seek the blessings of the divinity within you.

Whatever challenges come your way, can only arrive with the blessings of the divine. He not only creates them but also equips you beforehand to handle them too.

Don’t cry for help, don’t seek pity.

You are already complete, you already have all the power within you.

A yogi warrior not only prays to protects everyone and everything around them, they also stand up and fight when needed.

If the devil dares to cross your path, let your actions become your prayers.

Smack the smirk off his face.

Don’t be afraid to draw first blood, Yogi Warriors never start wars, we finish them.

Keep going strong and don’t let anything stop you from reaching your divine potential.

You are already great, you are always more loved and protected than you will ever know.

Now go forth and live your legend.


3. Be Grateful For Your Challenges

Be grateful for your challenges,
they are forcing you to go beyond
what you think you are capable of doing,
Your challenge will stay for as long as it takes
you to realise just how amazing you truly are.

If you keep thinking your small,
your challenges will never leave,
if you start realising your true inner power,
your challenges will bow down before you
and leave you with all the wisdom
and life lessons it intended to do.

Nothing in life is ever as complicated as it seems,
keep believing, keep working hard, keep working smart
but most of all, just keep going!


4. Relentless Determination

OK, I am going to say a few things about me from my school days, but really the message I have is nothing to do with me, its everything to do with you!

Read on and you will know what I mean.

So when I was at school between the ages of 11-16, I had a great time and did very well with so many things.

However, I did have one or two teachers who in their infinite wisdom decided to give some advice along the way:

Advice 1) you are too scared of all the big machinery in the technology class and don’t really have what it takes to learn how to use this equipment and make anything of it

Advice 2) your spelling is terrible and though you do very well in every other subject, your writings won’t go far.

Advice 3) on my school report it was written, Sanjib seems overwhelmed by the size of the kitchen at school and probably won’t learn to cook very well, but it’s ok he is good at other classes.

Advice 4) at the age of 11, told even though I was good at sports, I should stick to studying as with an Asian diet, I wouldn’t develop the strength to compete at the highest level.

So me being me, ended up doing the following:

* By the age of 16, in my technology class, I had developed and produced a solar panel which won the highest mark for these GCSE exams in the entire UK.

I won a national award and was offered a scholarship from 3 companies to pay for my further studies and eventually come and work for them.

I turned them down as I wanted my own freedom and went on to graduate with a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of London

* My writings regularly get read by over 40,000 avid readers from across the globe and in the last 12 months alone, I have been approached numerous times to write my own books to be published.

* In the short time I have started to learn how to cook (all of 3 days!)… already had over 100 messages from people asking what I do, how they can do it and thanking me for making them realise how easy it can be to cook a good, healthy meal for themselves.

* In sports, I played in our school football, cricket, hockey and badminton team, and also got selected to train with England Under 18 national team at the age of 17.

I went on to play Hockey and Badminton for my university team and had the opportunity to turn both into a career, but chose to pursue other dreams.

So why am I sharing this you?

Well, imagine what would have happened if I listened to all the “advice” given by others, thank god I didn’t… and neither should you.

In life, you will come across many people telling you what you can and can’t do, but in reality, all they are doing is expressing their limitations. Don’t listen to them.

People can only ever do one of 2 things, either lift you up or put you down, that’s it.

You can’t control their behaviour, but you can control where you put your attention.

Only surround yourself with those who encourage you, believe in you, inspire you and genuinely from the heart wish you well.

Honour these people with your life, and dedicate all your success to them.

No one knows your true capabilities, no one knows what really sings in your heart and no one knows your journey.

Only you can determine what you can and can’t do.

You simply need to decide what you want from life, believe in yourself and go out and get it!

I am not even talking about huge life goals here, I am also talking the small everyday goals you desire for yourself.

Lose those few extra pounds in weight, attain a few extra clients for your business, rekindle a childhood dream like learning to dance or playing a musical instrument, writing your first poem, travelling to your dream destination etc, whatever you desire, go for it.

Life is way too short, and there is so much for you to experience and enjoy.

Do not waste a single moment on the opinions of others, your self-worth should not depend even 0.000000001% on anyone but yourself.

Oh, and one final thing, in case you are now thinking and searching for someone who believes in you, let me end your search, I BELIEVE IN YOU!

If you’re looking for a sign to follow a dream, consider this post to be that sign,  now no excuses, go forth and make it happen!


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