5 Simple Steps To Closing A Sale



Closing A Sale With Elegance & Class

No matter how amazing your vision, products, marketing, dream team, operations or strategy become, nothing actually happens with your business until you make a sale.

You only get to show the world what you can really do, once you begin to work your magic with actual clients.

For this to happen, it becomes paramount that you master the art of sales.

Fortunately, sales is a lot easier than most people realise.

In fact, you simply follow the 5 principles highlighted below, you will be closing hot prospects faster than you ever thought possible, and having a whole lot of fun along the way.

Imagine looking forward to every sales conversation you have from now on, knowing you have the full capabilities to close anyone you feel would be a perfect fit for your business and solutions.

Well, you no longer need to wonder, the following steps will show you exactly how.


1. Setting The Intention For Your Sales Call

Ideally, you should only be having a sales conversation with someone once they are already aware of what you do and are already interested in starting a business relationship with you.

The most important aspect of your call actually happens before you say a word.

In your mind, you should always begin with a clear outcome for what you want in your upcoming call.

Your goal is not necessarily to make a prospect say yes, but instead to make a definite decision, yes or no.

If a prospect says they need more time to think about your offer, it means you haven’t answered all of their concerns and questions during the call, so simply giving them more time is unlikely to enable them to have any further clarity about whether to work with you.

Instead, you should be looking to educate your prospects further about what you do, and specifically answering any doubts they may have.

Even if at the end of a conversation a prospect decides not to proceed with you, it is much better for you to know where you stand, than to keep on chasing and speaking with someone who is undecided about what they want to do.

Remember, never look to pressure anyone into saying “yes”…, instead, look to confirm an actual confirmed decision as to whether they want to work with you or not.

Having this focus as an outcome before you even begin the call, will ensure your conversation stays on track and can effectively move forwards one way or other once everything is completed.


2. Speak With Calm, Elegance, Authority & Care

In terms of the actual sales conversation you have with a prospect, they are a few factors that can greatly enhance your confidence and credibility during the call.

First of all, ensure that you are always calm and relaxed from the very first “hello”.

For some reason, a lot of people get very tensed with regards to sales and begin to act in a manner different to how they normally do.

As stated in step 1, your only objective from this call is to have your prospect make a decision. If they say yes, great you have a new client!

If they say no, great you can now move forward and focus fully on your next call.

Either way, there is absolutely no need for you to be tense in any sales situation whatsoever.

Simply enjoy every conversation as the more relaxed you can come across on the call, the more relaxed your prospect will feel when speaking and opening up to you.

This becomes very important, as ultimately, people only buy from people they get to know, like and trust.

The second component you need to consider to simply keep your call conversational and look to build rapport during the whole time you spend together.

Make sure you listen more than you speak and never assume anything about your prospect and their situation.

Keep asking open-ended questions and give them the space to speak as openly and freely as they can.

The more someone starts to open up to you, the deeper the rapport you will build and the quicker they will begin to start trusting you as someone they can actually work with.

There is someone important to consider at this stage, even though I want you to listen more than you speak, it is also vitally important you remain in control of the sales conversation for the entire duration of the call.

If your prospect is going off on a tangent, look to elegantly bring them back to the main focus of your conversation.

Your prospects will actually end up thank you for doing this.

Another factor you should be looking to implement along with active listening is to continuously show a deep empathy with your prospect.

Really understand the problems they are experiencing and get to the root of what is actually going on in their mind.

Very people actually take the time to listen to someone else, so when you do, your prospect will really appreciate the time and respect you are showing them.

Whether they end up saying up with you or not is totally irrelevant, as you will create an unbelievable amount of goodwill by using an empathy approach, which will help separate you from everyone else in your market.

As easy way to create empathy is by the tone of your voice.

Make sure you always sound sincere, caring and highly interested in everything the other person has to say.

Ultimately, a prospect is speaking with you as they potentially see you as someone who can solve a particular problem for them.

The more you can show a deep heartfelt interest in what they are facing, the greater the connection you will build between the two of you.

The final aspect I want you to consider is to always speak with authority and enthusiasm with the tone of your voice.

Showing empathy is great for building trust, but to then go on and actually end up closing a deal, you must also come across as someone who knows what they are doing and has the leadership and gravitas upon which they can depend on.

The way you say things is actually more important than the actual words themselves.

So to bring this whole segment together, remember to be calm elegant, caring, enthusiastic and authoritative with every sales conversation you have.

Always give it your 100% best efforts and then you will never go wrong.


3. Quickly Identify A Right Fit

I mentioned earlier how you must never assume anything about your prospect and what they are going through.

As such, it becomes vitally important that you treat everyone as potentially a top VIP A-Star client when you first start your interaction with them.

During the conversation, you will very quickly be able to identify if they can actually live up to this billing or if they are actually well short for the criteria you need for someone to be your client.

Within the first 5 minutes of every conversation, in your mind, you should ideally be able to decide if someone is, in fact, a right fit for your services.

In reality, you only want to be speaking with people whom you can genuinely help and who are highly motivated to take their business to the next level.

Think about the type of questions you would need to ask during the first 5 minutes for you to be able to determine whether a prospect is a right fit for your business.

If a prospect is a perfect candidate to be a client of yours, you should then look to spend as long as it takes for them to make a decision whether they want to start working with you.

If a prospect is not a right fit, you can still give them value and help them on the call, but not to spend too much time as ideally, you want to save your best efforts for those whom you can genuinely help and end up working with.


4. Demonstrate Your Credentials

If you have followed all the steps outlined so far, then the next stage becomes very easy.

Having built rapport, trust and empathy with your prospect, and really understood the exact problems they are going through, you now should be looking to demonstrate your ability to help to them by actually helping them.

Answer all of your questions, and offer your consulting and advice so can move from a position of confusion and frustration to clarity and fast results.

Tell them the exact steps they need to take, specifically mentioning in absolute detail what they need to do.

Don’t hold back during this segment, literally look to resolve every issue your prospect has there and then on the call.

During this process, keep asking if they have understood what you are saying and keep gauging whether you can begin to sense an increase in their confidence and belief to achieve their goals.

For example, if you are a weight loss coach and your prospect has always had trouble losing weight in the past, during this sales conversation, give them an actual meal plan they can easily follow with immediate effect.

Then look to offer them all the advice you can on how they can stay motivated and keep on track to continue with this plan so they can start to lose weight and move towards their goal.

By offering such high-value wisdom on the actual sales call itself, you will create an unbelievable amount of credibility, trust and goodwill with your prospect.

You will also end up removing so virtually any doubts they may have about working with you as ultimately you are proving you can help them, by actually helping them there and then.

This is such a beautiful way to conduct a sales call, as you will create so much energy, happiness and excitement by using this process, and you will truly position yourself as a highly desirable business for your prospects to start working with.


5. Articulate A Strong Offer

Having listened and understood all of your prospects major problems, and then offered your best advice and consulting as to how they can immediately resolve these issues, the final step is to actually present your offer.

This is where so many entrepreneurs end up falling short, as when it comes to asking someone to pay you money, all your fears and self-doubts begin to surface (“Am I really worth what I am asking, Can I actually deliver what I say I can?”).

You must remain strong and confident throughout the entire sales call, and even more so when you start to present your offer.

Speak calmly, remain in control of your mind and deliver your offer in an eloquent and succinct manner.

At this stage of the call, you would have built so much trust and rapport, that your prospect in most cases will already be looking to start working with you.

You now simply need to tell what the details of your actual product or service, and the price for working with you.

Don’t get nervous at this stage, look to be as relaxed as you have been during the entire call until now.

Keep reminding yourself, the whole objective of your sales call is not to make a sale, but to get a definitive decision, yes or no.

If somebody is interested, you simply need to keep educating them as to why they should start working with you and then let them decide if they actually want to or not.

To help facilitate the closing of a sale for someone who is genuinely interested, it may help to offer them a bonus if they start today, or to communicate some kind of scarcity limited to help quickly make a decision.

For example, if you are offering places at an event, you can say there are only a fixed number of tickets available and once they are gone, no more spaces will be made available, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Bonuses and scarcity limiters can greatly enhance the urgency of your sale but always look to offer them in a way which retains your elegance and not to undermine the quality of your main product.


Close Like A Champion!

So just to recap, for your next sales call, start by having a clear objective as to what you want as an outcome of this call.

Then look to speak with absolute care, empathy, authority and class. Identify very early on if your prospect is a right fit for your business and if so, look to continue your conversation for as long as you feel is needed.

Keep uncovering all of your prospects major problems and frustrations, and then look to massively overdeliver by resolving every single one of these problems on the call itself.

Finally, once you are satisfied that your prospect has been totally blown away by your advice and wisdom, look to present your actual business offer in a calm, elegant and professional way.

Add predetermined bonuses and scarcity to help increase the urgency of the sale, but only do so, if these components can be elegantly added to your offer.

Communicate your prices with confidence and authority.

By using this simple approach, you will not only begin to really enjoy all of your sales calls but begin to close the right prospects with elegance and style.


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