Why You May Hear Different Sounds During Meditation


Question – This only started happening very recently, but when in super deep meditation. i.e. when everything is super silent, I get a slight ringing in my ears, its not painful at all, in-fact it’s quite a nice feeling, but I can’t understand what’s happening.

It only happens once i’ve managed to silence my mind to the point where there are literally no thoughts.

Sanjib: Ah you have asked an amazingly deep and profound question, which I do get asked from time to time.

Basically if you remember how we spoke about everything in life being broken down into atoms at its fundamental level.

Each atom being nothing more than a vibration of energy. Energy can never be created, but only transformed.

It is said in our scriptures that the original vibration in this creation (from which all other energies and vibrations originate from) is the sound AUM.

Chanting AUM actually unites us with this original sound and the source of all consciousness.

This primordial sound is always present deep within us, but our ever busy mind is always so pre-occupied with thoughts and other vibrations, that we never get to actually hear it’s sound.

However, as we progress and grow deeper and deeper into our meditation, we quieten the mind at a very subtle level and thus truly begin to connect with our inner self.

At the core of our inner self lies the sound AUM.

We can begin to hear and more importantly feel this vibration the deeper we get, and hence why at times we may hear a ringing sound as we approach our true centre.

However, as soon as the mind realises there is a sound and tries to analyse it, you may have noticed, the sound disappears, as now we have filled our mind with analytic thoughts which take away from the state of thoughtlessness we had just achieved.

The next time you hear the slight ringing sound, simply stay in a state of wonder and allow the vibrations within you to stay or go in any direction it feels like.

You will feel extremely warm and happy for no reason whilst in this state.

You will also begin to unleash amazing powers within you, which you never even realised you had.

So many secrets to your very own existence will be revealed to you during your deep meditation, that’s the beauty of yogic wisdom, all the answers are found from within and thus why this whole wisdom is referred to as “Self Empowerment”, as we truly do empower ourselves by uncovering our own truths.



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