Success Habits To Recharge Your Energy Levels


In the quest for success and being the absolute best that you can be, it becomes paramount that you also learn to how to recharge your energy levels, so you can consistently operate at a level of peak performance on a daily basis.

There are many so many strategies you can use, but the ones mentioned here will have an immediate effect on your overall well-being and happiness.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you could feel totally rejuvenated and at your very best, every single day?

Well, just by using a few of the following techniques, you will now easily be able to do so.

  1. The Rhythm Of Your Mind
  2. Staying True To Your Nature
  3. Planning Your Rest
  4. A Simple Way To Recharge Your Creativity
  5. How Water Helps With Peak Performance


1. The Rhythm Of Your Mind

Your mind has its own natural rhythm with its own innate connection to nature.

To synchronise both entities and thus ensure you are able to operate at your optimum levels are the classic hallmarks of a yogi warrior.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

The sun rises between 4am-6am at which time consciousness is alive with creativity and alertness.

If you can wake up at this time and begin your meditation straight away, your energy centres will effortless flourish and you will find immediate solutions to any questions you may have.

Do your most important tasks early in the morning, making sure you take as little time off as possible.

The morning is when you operate at your optimum.

As the sun is beginning to roar and spread its glory across the horizons, your mind will also stretch and fulfil its own limitless potential.

Nature begins to rest around midday (12 o’clock lunchtime), at which time you should slow down too.

In the laws of Ayurveda, there are 3 states of natures and they combine to slow down in the early afternoon.

Thus it’s important you take a little rest at that time too.

By the late afternoon and early evening, nature begins to pick up a second burst of energy and thus if you still need to finish your daily tasks, this would be a good time to re-engage yourself and complete your daily objectives.

As the sun begins to go down and the night takes over, you should also begin to rest and make sure you are asleep by 10 pm or 11 pm, so you become fully rejuvenated for the following day.

Try the above and watch how quickly your energy, enthusiasm and productivity rise to unprecedented levels! … when following your nature, everything in life becomes so much easier:)


2. Staying True To Your Nature

Have you ever noticed why the sun never gets tired of shining, or why the ocean never gets bothered from swimming or why the wind never gets tired of blowing?

They seem to follow their instincts, and do whatever comes naturally to them.

Days, weeks, months, years, even centuries may come and go, yet the elements never lose their vigour, their focus or their intensity in whatever they do.

So as human beings, why do people get frustrated so easily with their lives, whether it be with their career, partners, friends or even simply with themselves?

What can we learn and apply from the elements, to ensure, we too, can move with the same ease and enthusiasm in our daily routines as they do?

The first point to realise is that the elements only do what comes naturally to them.

The sun never blows, the wind doesn’t swim, the ocean doesn’t float above the skies. In fact, the elements remain very limited in their actions and never stray beyond their limitations.

However, in the tasks they do undertake, they always perform them very well.

Whether it be years of dedicated practice or just a pure one-pointed devotion to their task, they remain solid, regular and consistent.

The elements never have to think about what they do, they simply undertake actions that they designed, to accomplish and carry on perfecting their art with no regards to time or any other dimensional facets.

Even when reaching perfection, the elements still never stray from their tasks.

Renaissance artist, Leonardo da Vinci, was once asked how he created such beautiful masterpieces; his response was “1% inspiration, 99% perspiration”.

A single-minded focus on his work, resulted in his achievements which are still marvelled at today, but could Leonardo Da Vinci run a marathon? Could he cook a gourmet five-course Oriental meal? Could he sing an entire opera concerto in the key by himself?

Probably not.

In fact, he may well have been useless in all those tasks, but none of those tasks came naturally to him.

Painting was in his nature, and where he ultimately focused his attention and artistry is where he achieved his perfection.

I believe we can only truly reach perfection when following our nature, and doing whatever comes naturally to us from within.

It’s when we move away from our innate calling in life, that we feel a sense of lacking, a sense of incompletion, and subsequently feelings of frustration.

No amount of money, fame or success can ever truly keep us satisfied unless we do what we are really meant to do in this life.

When following our nature, discipline is never required.

You don’t need the discipline to smile when holding a baby, you don’t need the discipline to sleep when feeling tired; these actions happen naturally and effortlessly.

The next question invariably becomes, “Well how do I know my calling in life? What is my nature?”

The answer is simple, do what comes easily and what you love the most.

A true musician can never go a day without music; a true dancer can never go a day without thinking about the dance.

What can you never go a day without thinking about? For some the answers come easily, for others it may take a lifetime, but it’s an individual question we must all follow.

Finding our true love in life, finding our true calling, finding our true nature automatically gives us a sense of fulfilment when undertaking those tasks.

The elements follow their nature and groove with such ease, power and fulfilment; we too must do the same.

Leadership success is the journey to find one’s inner-self, finding one’s true nature, and once found; you will never look back.

Remain true to yourself, and happiness becomes not a destination, but your very being.

Follow your heart, move like nature, and you will never need discipline in life, as your every action becomes a statement of your very purpose in life.


3. Planning Your Rest

Plan your week out, in the beginning, ensuring you have at least 2 whole days as REST days.

On these days, you do no work, no planning, no meetings, just pure rest and relaxation.

The more efficient you become, the greater the number of rest days during the week you will be able to have.

On the days you designate as WORK days, ensure you plan out exactly what you need to do, prioritising everything in the correct order.

During your work days, make sure you work with no distractions.

When you rest, make sure it’s 100% REST, when you work, make sure it’s 100% WORK.

Never combine your rest and work for the same time, you will end up doing neither.

Try the above strategy, I guarantee you will see an immediate improvement in your productivity and business results.


4. A Simple Way To Recharge Your Creativity

There is a beautiful feeling when simply getting away from the computer and just writing the old fashion way, with a whiteboard and marker (not paper and pen as we should all be conserving paper now!)

There is something  so rustic and soul enhancing about coming up with an idea, writing it down with your hands, reading your notes with your eyes, talking to yourself when evaluating your work (I often get caught talking to myself in public!), rethinking your thoughts with your mind, before crossing out everything you have written and starting again, this time much smarter and better.

Taking this concept even further, Ancient masters used to teach by drawing lessons with a stick on the sands.

The students would memorise and learn everything there and then before the waves would come later in the day to wash away the sand.

Going back further still, the ancient Rishi’s would teach in complete silence.

They would transmit their knowledge through the mind, and the students would sit and absorb everything the guru had to offer, without a word being spoken. It’s how the ancient science of Ayurveda was born.

Technology is awesome and has its place, for instance, it’s allowing me to share my thoughts right now with you, but don’t forget to get away from it all to nurture the innate powers you already have within you.

No technology can ever compete with the human mind powered by our indestructible spirit.

OK, time to get away from the computer and back to creating magic on the whiteboard.


5. How Water Helps With Peak Performance

One of the fundamental aspects of our health and wellbeing is the ability to silence the mind and detoxify your bodily system on a daily basis.

At a subtle level, the food and drinks we consume have a direct impact on our mental well-being, with perhaps the least understood component being how much water to drink and when we should drink it.

First thing in the morning, drinking two glasses of water replenishes our bodily system after a night’s sleep and helps to awaken us to our daily consciousness.

Drinking before eating any breakfast also helps to alleviate any toxins, as there will be very little food to block its passage through the body.

Be careful only to sip the water when you have just woken up, as the kidneys will still be in a state of rest.

By drinking too quickly you may cause them unfavourable tension by forcing them to work quicker and harder than necessary.

Throughout the day, drink at least eight glasses of water as a bare minimum, (this number should be increased depending on the weather and the level of dehydration you experience during the day; for instance, work, exercise etc).

Water oxygenates our blood cells and stimulates the thought process by activating our dormant energies.

Thus, the Ayurvedic scriptures dictate it beneficial only to drink water during the morning, afternoon and no later than say, 7 pm.

Any fluids taken after this time will result in an overactive brain and give rise to sleepless nights through enhanced dreams.

By having your last drink before 7 pm, your mind will have enough time to exhaust its mental capacity before resting itself whilst you sleep.

An interesting point to note is that our physical body is made up of 80% water.

During the night, when the moon is at its strongest, it has a strong gravitational pull towards any kind of water (imagine the strength of this pull if it can move the tides in an ocean), and thus, by filling our body with water before sleep, we allow the subtle gravitational effects of the moon to play havoc with our mind/body system.

When we sit down to think about the rationale behind the lifestyle advice given to us by Ayurveda, we realise that a great deal of thought and intelligence goes behind each simple suggestion.

By following the above guidelines, you can rest assured that you will be drinking water in the manner most conducive to a healthy success lifestyle.


Using The Right Techniques For You

The more concepts from the above strategies which you can deploy, the more recharged and revitalised you will feel.

It’s so vitally important to your success that you do remain well-rested whilst working with everything you got to achieve your goals.

Start off with one idea, and see how you go.

Remember, for your business to work, YOU need to work.

Make sure you take care of yourself, as that is truly the key to long-lasting business success.


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