Welcome To The Yogi Warrior Tribe!

 Hi, I’m Sanjib Mukherjee

I am the founder of the Yogi Warrior Tribe and I would like to personally welcome you to our online home.

To help you get a better understanding of who we are and what we can do for you, I invite you to read the following overview.


What is The Yogi Warrior Tribe?


We are a powerful collective of elite entrepreneurs and industry leaders from across the globe, all dedicated to supporting each other to reach the highest levels of business success, whilst living with a deep sense of inner happiness and freedom in our personal lives.


Our Purpose & Vision


Our vision is to create the world’s most powerful and respected tribe of high calibre entrepreneurs and transformational leaders

Each of our tribe members has an amazing impact on the lives of so many people, and thus the more successful we become as individuals, the greater the impact we can all have throughout the world.


Who This Tribe Is For


Our tribe is primarily for entrepreneurs, industry leaders, visionaries and anyone who wants to fulfil their potential in life and be surrounded by a huge global family of like-minded winners.

We currently have successful business owners, CEO’s, charity pioneers, parents raising families and so many leaders from all spheres of life.

The Problems You May Be Facing


Being an entrepreneur or industry leader can be a lonely task. There are very few people who will understand the depth of your visions or the deep-rooted motivations which inspire you to do the things that you do.

Also, it can be so easy to get lost with the overwhelm of thoughts, ideas, and opportunities which constantly come your way.

Keeping a clear focus on what you truly want to do and then maintaining the drive and enthusiasm to see each project to its conclusion can be a steep challenge even for the best of us.

It can be so easy to slide into procrastination, perfectionism, self-doubts and poor results, but perhaps the worst scenario is when you begin to lose energy and feel a deep sense of burnout.

This inevitably leads to a vicious cycle of working more but achieving less.

Ultimately this can lead to a sense of frustration and unhappiness as deep down inside you know that you are capable of achieving so much more in this life.

You No Longer Need To Go It Alone


Quite simply, we will give you the guidance, accountability and support to gain absolute clarity on your goals, focus and a clear direction on what you need to do, simplicity with all your tasks, total rejuvenation of your energy and happiness levels and the certainty and confidence to smash anything which comes your way!


We will work with you to not only develop a peak performance mindset but also to attain the optimum business strategy for your ongoing success.

Success loves speed, and our mission is to help you achieve all of your business and personal goals in the fastest time possible.

You will have an unparalleled level of world-class support and networking opportunities from fellow successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

We take a personal interest in everything you do, and our primary aim is to give you a sense of protection and empowerment like you have never felt before.

You only need three things to be successful.

Clarity on what you specifically want, the best strategy for you to attain this goal and, finally, the support and guidance from a tribe of like-minded winners to make sure you smash anything which comes your way.

How We Are Different To Anyone Else


What separates Yogi Warrior Tribe from any other coaching is the speed at which you will get these results.

In some cases, the transformations can happen in a matter of minutes. 

We can help you to overcome any business challenges you may be facing and provide you with the fastest path to rapidly multiply your business growth, drastically increase productivity and most importantly, a sense of real contentment which comes when you are operating at peak performance.

In terms of your personal growth, you will learn the most effective meditation, mindset strategies for controlling your thoughts and wisdom to overcome any problems in the mind.

The wisdom you will learn has been tried and tested for over 5,000 years (no other coaching can lay claim to such time-tested proven results).

The other major difference between us and any other coaching group is the unparalleled level of world-class support you will get from this tribe.

Our entire ethos is to be 100% results driven and we take a deep interest and do everything to ensure you are fully equipped to smash all your business and personal goals.

You no longer have to operate and figure everything out on your own.

A Brief Background To How We Started

The inspiration behind this venture started after working for over a decade in senior Business Development roles during my corporate career (with Johnson & Johnson, Nortel Networks, Aventis & many leading management consultancy assignments, to name a few).

I rapidly became known as the go-to guy for helping fellow leaders to get fast business results, due to my ability to create absolute business simplicity and clarity for any given situation.

I also used to help my contemporaries build their levels of clarity, direction, simplicity and confidence.

As well as helping gain fast business results, I also had this unique ability to help leaders to quickly achieve a deep sense of freedom and inner happiness. 

This was largely due to my lifelong study of ancient spiritual wisdom which taught me how to have a high degree of over my mind and emotions.

The Birth Of The Yogi Warrior Tribe


As my success stories in the corporate world began to grow, I became inundated with enquiries from other executives and entrepreneurs to help them achieve peak performance results, whilst maintaining a real sense of happiness.

I was encouraged from all quarters to set up on my own and there was a real need for my coaching services and, consequently, this venture was born.

Your Next Steps


Join our tribe for free and experience your very own transformation!

You are invited to join our tribe today and take advantage of some powerful training we have put together for you.

Follow the exact step by step system, I have developed and taught to thousands of global leaders to achieve the fastest business growth, whilst living with deep inner happiness.

I have put everything together in an exclusive Masterclass video presentation, which you can immediately access by simply telling us below where to send this power-packed training.

For a limited time only, you will also receive a bonus 10-minute meditation mp3 to help you instantly attain a peak performance mindset.

This mp3 is part of the morning ritual of thousands of successful leaders around the world.

Simply contact us at [email protected] and we will mail you our exclusive trainings.

I look forward to having you join our tribe and helping you to live the life you truly deserve

Sending all my blessings,
Sanjib Mukherjee, CEO & Founder Yogi Warrior Tribe.


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