Success Stories 


Sanjib has transformed the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs and industry leaders over the years. Here is a sample of what they have typically had to say.

Nicki Williams

CEO Happy Hormones

“I instantly attained high-end clients, paying me a premium I could never have dreamed of and my business revenues continued to grow at an astonishing rate!”

Before meeting Sanjib, my business was completely overwhelmed and, as a result, I was going nowhere and doing everything poorly. From our very first conversation, Sanjib got me to relax and together we nailed my entire business strategy which gave me absolutely clarity, simplicity and confidence with what I was doing. I started to charge what I was actually worth, valuing my skills & experience a lot more. Not bad for 1 hours’ work!

As a result, I instantly attained high-end clients, paying me a premium I could never have dreamed to have earned and my business revenues continued to grow and grow at an astonishing rate. Sanjib is amazing with motivation and confidence building.

You truly do feel that nothing can stop you, and you are truly limitless. At the same time, he keeps you focussed not allowing anyone to drift off. He gives a great perspective on any matter, helping you to quickly get out of any problem. It’s amazing to have that kind of support and someone totally believing in you.

Peter Rae
International Investment Banking Consultant

“Sanjib’s unique approach allows you to easily reach your goals in an elegant way”

Having spent time being coached by Sanjib,  I have nothing but praise for the outcome. I can now handle time pressures, stress factors and other assorted issues with absolute calm and feel firmly connected to my inner power.

He has a relaxed, minimally structured approach which ensures you can arrive at all your business goals in an easy and elegant way. 

As to be expected with from such a warm genuine teacher, he attracts high calibre clients who each in one way or another reflect his positive attributes. Highly recommended if your looking to take your business and life to the next level.

Nicol Garwood
CEO Ascension Mastermind

“I’ve had many business shifts ranging from getting ideal clients to now speaking across Europe”

I needed someone who could help me dismantle all my limiting beliefs and to help me grow my business to the level I wanted it to be. I picked Sanjib as he is a blunt teller of the truth and that’s what I needed. I remember on our first session him challenging me to dig deeper and find more of my authentic self.

Within days of doing so, I began to experience massive business success. He guided me to attract more aligned clients and to feel more worthy of actually serving them. Sanjib worked on my mindset and shifted many personal perceptions of myself.

The big result I got was a miracle for me. I was being booked to speak everywhere from London to Prague, in front of large sell-out crowds.

More importantly, he helped me to find my true worth and to craft a compelling marketing message that got me my first set of dream clients.


Blair Connell
CEO A1 Remapping

“I felt like my business and personal life was at some kind of crossroads. I was searching for something but didn’t know what I was looking for. An acquaintance recommended Sanjib as he’d been getting instant huge success working with him.

Sanjib really impressed me and it was the wisdom of his words that really stood out. His coaching was like nothing else I had encountered. This has been the best year ever! My business has transformed into something I am now excited about and on a personal level, I am the happiest I have ever felt. Sanjib has played a massive part in this.

Anything can happen if you embrace his teachings, it really can change your life. Sanjib is a phenomenon. A beautiful and wise person with the strength of a tiger. Nobody else is doing what he does today

Martin Salem
CEO Salem Academy

“I doubled my profits within a month, whilst working much fewer hours”

From our very first meeting, Sanjib had an immediate solution for every business problem I had and this gave me absolute clarity on my goals and strategic direction. 

My stress and sense of overwhelm instantly disappeared and for the first time in years I felt totally confident, enthusiastic and re-energised.

I managed to double my business profits within a month and by month 3 my business was on course to triple its profits, even though I was working fewer hours than before! 

I am also so much more dynamic but what’s really amazing is just how quickly the transformation has happened. I have fallen back in love with my business and life again, and can’t wait to continue growing with Sanjib as my mentor.

Minesh Bhindi
CEO Gold For Life Trading

“If you want super-fast results and to manifest the life you want, you need to be working with Sanjib”

I’m the type of person who likes to get in on something and master it straight away. That’s why I started working with Sanjib. He taught me everything about meditation and how to develop a powerful success mindset.

More importantly, he helped me create an individual plan that I could use every day which was structured around me, my needs and my energy.

Now here’s the key thing, if you are in a position to and you want to get super fast results, I strongly recommend you do start coaching with Sanjib.

Having him there, and being able to ask him questions like, here’s what I am dealing with etc,  is absolutely amazing.

He’s my coach and I absolutely recommend him to everyone for learning how to manifest the things you want. He has certainly helped me not only to manifest but also to calm down and understand myself more so that I could affect the world in a way that I wanted to.  

5 out of 5, 10 out of 10, 20 out of 20, 100 out of 100!


Dominica Alicia
CEO VegeRasta

“I am now so much more productive, achieving more in less time”

I have spent an amazing time with Sanjib, where I started seeing great business results after our very first session and believe me, amazing things continued to happen.

I learnt amazing stuff like how to control my mind, how to be more productive and do more things in less time, but that’s just a couple of things, there is so much more. I knew learning from

Sanjib was going to be something really amazing, but to be honest, he really over delivered on everything. Having him as a mentor is really going to drastically improve your business and your life.

Ken Sahota, CEO Amilli Property

“My absolute dream target for our 1st quarter was to get 10 new clients, we ended up with 27”

I met Sanjib at the time when I was out of sync, unfulfilled, had no free time and getting very slow business results. In our very first session, Sanjib straight away managed to extract the exact issues to my personal and business problems and offer immediate solutions. 

We started working on my foundation strategy which gave me unbelievable clarity and focus on all of my business and life goals. This gave me so much simplicity, confidence and energy.

The results we got were beyond anything I could have ever dreamed. My dream target for our 1st quarter was to get 10 new clients, we ended up with 27. Sanjib is always results driven and somehow manages to say exactly what you need to hear to keep you powering forwards. But his coaching goes way beyond business success.

Sanjib takes a deep interest in your overall wellbeing and provides phenomenal positivity, energy and support. I can now handle any of life’s pressures and always feel an abundance of happiness.

Dan McAndrew
CEO ADI Business Success Limited

“I get total clarity within seconds every time I speak with Sanjib”

Within the first 60 seconds of meeting Sanjib, he had resolved some major problems I was experiencing and offered me direction and advice that was just so profound it created an incredibly large amount of credibility. I knew then that I didn’t need to find anyone else to learn from.

Working with Sanjib has enabled me to slow down, get energised and put everything into perspective. My biggest benefit has been a great sense of centeredness and calm, and now nothing fazes me. 

The thing I absolutely love about Sanjib is his ability to take your biggest crisis or drama that is going on in your life and flip it into a positive within seconds. I’ve never met anyone with the ability to get you business clarity and direction as quickly as Sanjib.


Tehmina Zaman
CEO ePreneur

“My business and happiness levels have continuously soared.”

I met Sanjib at a point in my life when my business wasn’t going too well and my stress levels were sky-high.

He instantly taught me to think more deeply and sharpened my focus so I could gain total clarity in all areas of my life (not just my business).

As I result, within days of working together, I attracted 6 new clients and since then my business and happiness levels have continuously soared!

With Sanjib, you don’t just get a mentor, you make a friend for life. He is intelligent, great fun and genuinely cares about your well-being.

Most importantly, he inspires you to be the best version of you by being a living, breathing example of this himself.

Sanjib gets my highest recommendations as a coach and mentor. I plan on working with him for a long time to come to achieve even higher levels of success.

Kirit Pankhania
CEO Knowledge Corporation

“An absolute must for any entrepreneur looking to breakthrough challenges and live life at a higher level”

I’m delighted to say I have had absolutely amazing experience with Sanjib. In my line of work, I have the opportunity to coach high-level business leaders from around the world but have never met anyone with an energy as pure as Sanjib.

He walks the talk and will get you extremely fast business results. Sanjib instantly removes any blockages or daily challenges you may be facing and I would highly recommend him.

All of us, no matter what level we are playing at, can do so much more, and its great to be in that environment where you are being positively pushed you to fulfil your highest potential.

Carl Kilvington
Business Consultant

“I now can easily overcome distractions and get laser focused very fast”

I joined Sanjib’s coaching as a way to help me have greater focus and fewer distractions, so I could achieve results more quickly. Through Sanjib’s wisdom and guidance, I was able to do so much faster than I ever thought.

By the end of our program, I was totally focused on my most important tasks and achieving better results faster. If like me, you want to overcome distractions, get laser focused on finishing a project or achieving more than you currently are, Sanjib  will ensure you do just that”